Paper Plane Challenge

Paper plane competitions have been a fun pass time for several years. However, many don’t know that it’s a serious sport! Therefore, we would like to provide students an opportunity to battle it out with their ingenuity in paper plane construction.
Applicants in the challenge will be given 5 minutes to construct their airplane. Materials provided are as follows:
• one standard A4 sheet of paper
• one standard paper clip
• 10 cm of stick tape (can be modified in any way)
• three staples
Students can modify the above materials in any way they wish. Not all materials need to be used.
Upon paper plane completion, applicants will line up and throw their paper plane (one student per time). After each throw, the distance will be measured from the starting line to the point where the paper plane first touches the floor – not the resting place. Each student will get three attempts to achieve their best distance.
May the flying begin!