Spaghetti Bridge Building Competition

The bridges will be loaded until they collapse.  The bridges will be judged based on the ratio of the maximum load held before collapsing compared to the weight of the bridge.

Students should arrive at least 30 minutes before their scheduled start time to get organized, perform minor repairs and weigh their bridges.

Maximum group size is two people.  Only one entry per group.

The entire bridge must be constructed solely of pasta and hot melt

Any solid, round, commercial pasta (e.g. spaghetti, spaghettini or vermicelli) may be used as long as its initial diameter is not greater than 3 mm and not less than 1 mm.  Noodles can be made of wheat or rice pasta.

Only hot melt glue (any grade is acceptable) shall be used as a spaghetti bonding material.  Other types of bonding materials such as epoxy are not permitted.

Maximum Weight:500 grams

Minimum length : 50 cm

Maximum width :10 cm

Strength Competition – Each bridge will be loaded by a person from the group that built the bridge.  The weight may be applied in increments as decided by the builder group.  A minimum 10 second waiting period is required between load applications.  The final Official Load is the last load that the bridge withstood for a period of 10 seconds prior to destruction.
The winner is the legal bridge with the highest Official Load divided by the bridge weight.

You will need to register to attend the Spaghetti Bridge building competition via [email protected]